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Senior Software Development Engineer

September 2023 - Present ( Years, Months)

● TechLeading AutoScale across all Kusto Services, responsibility includes;
1. Leadership: working with team members of different teams to create new AutoScale solutions, from the research phase, through development and deployment and monitoring
2. Guidance and Mentoring: working with team members across other teams who develop AutoScale for their services, by guidance and approval
3. Research and Development: keep improving and perfecting existing AutoScale solutions by actively measuring and gathering metrics and client feedback
● Working with OpenAI model, using Semantic Kernel, and PoC ideas with Chat and Embedding models and integration to service
● Mentoring and buddying: developing tool together with two students from Tel-Aviv University, to evaluate AI algorithms accuracy
● Detection, leading investigations, and providing solutions to bugs and incidents in the team's service

Software Development Engineer II

Juny 2021 - September 2023 (2 Years, 4 Months)

● TechLeading AutoScale of Kusto Services, by leading, mentoring & developing responsibility includes;
1. Technical Excellence: Improving AutoScale logic and addressing testability gaps, detecting and investigating elusive bugs and solving them, implementation of data science aspects
2. Livesite: Identifying, troubleshooting and mitigating AutoScale related incidents, monitoring, quality verification
3. Data Driven: Emitting telemetry to support building a dashboards, measure customers adoption
4. Collaboration: Working with PMs, DataScientists and Engineers from other teams to provide a holistic solution and ensure customers best scaling experience
5. Growth Mindset: Trying new approaches, measuring impact and improve.
● Taking Kusto Predictive AutoScale from Private Preview to General Announcement (being globally available to all customers with Optimized AutoScale);
development, detection and investigation of elusive bugs and solving them, implementation of data science aspects, monitoring, and quality verification
● Allowing E2E deployment of Kusto
● Integrating and cooperating with HashiCorps to allow deployment with Terraform
● Detection, management and providing solutions to bugs and incidents in the team's service
● Hardening and monitoring the service interface: by protecting against attacks and throttling
● Mentoring and training new team members and ops (before completing first year)
● Side projects:
 β—ˆ [Internal] Quick Investigation Tool : Allows focused investigation, alerting on regressions and providing with vital information to quick detect which direction to take
 β—ˆ [Public] Tool for Comparing KQL Queries: Saves time and tedious manual work for validations during refactoring of a KQL query and checks that the new version is compatible
[Public] Tool for Anomaly Detection in KQL: Covering both missing rows gaps and invalid values anomalies
 β—ˆ [Public] ARM Template Dependencies Graph Validator: Converts an ARM Template dependencies to a directed Graph and validates it

● Architect of 1st Place Winnng Team, Ecosystem Category @ Microsoft 2022 Hackathon
We've been working with a group of analysts whose role is to find similar patients as needed by the physicians (this may be for different use cases: similar diagnosis, similar symptoms, etc).
As the architect I've broke done the requirements into working pipeline design and cooperated with the team members (engineers, data scientists, ops and analysts) till the successful demonstration of the project, while managing the backend team and tackling the challenges that rised.
Before our project, the analysts team was doing this work manually by using a general search for words in the free text and other manual search methods. The goal of the project is to create an AI application for this group that will use Azure Text Analytics for Health along with an ML algorithm to create an output of similar patients for an input of one single patient ID.


During Degree at Tel-Aviv University

In Charge of Development Engineering at the Attention Lab for Children

Sagol School of Neuroscience, Tel Aviv University
Mar 2019 – Mar 2020 (1 Year, 1 Month)

● In Charge of Development Engineering in all aspects of the Attention Lab for Children at Sagol School of Neuroscience, Tel Aviv University
● Developing new software that analyzes examinees' results and offers insights
● Designing the software required a deep understanding of a whole new professional domain, as well as communicating and formalizing my clients' needs
● Adjustment and maintenance of all existing laboratory softwares, which requires out of the box solutions to keep up with the changing requirements

Software Development Engineer at Research of Attention in Elderly People

Tel-Aviv University
Oct 2018 - Dec 2018 (3 Months)

● Programming the software from scratch, that required a deep understanding of customer needs and tailoring the technological solution
● Developing the software involved thorough inspection and analysis of the games to obtain measurements in real-time while they are being played
● Program developed in C# and python

Academic Education

Bachelor of Science (BSc) Computer Sceince & Economics

Tel-Aviv University

● GPA of 85 (in both majors)
● Managing a team of student scholarships, Together we created and organized lectures about practical knowledge in bars
● Freshman Mentor, of up to 20 students prior to their freshmen year and throughout their first semester
● Activities and Societies: International Week IWCO, Friedberg Economics Institute Member

Military Service

4 Years, 4 Months

Senior Full-Stack Developer

Feb 2014 – Jun 2015 (1 Year, 5 Months)

● Full-stack development of management project built from scratch
● Research and integration of many technologies including, and not restricted to: WASP, POI, Web Services, Gson, Logging
● Creating team training in Moodle template

● Team manager in "CTO Lead" Hackathon (IDF and Google cooperation hackathon that took place at Google Campus in Tel Aviv).
Prototyped a carpooling app for soldiers, back at the time carpooling hasn't been as popular as today.

● Server-side consisting of Play Framework and Java, and utilizes Spring and Hibernate
● Asynchronous frameworks over AKKA
● Development with Spring and Data-Base access through Hibernate Criteria to an Oracle DB
● Client-Side consisting of AngularJS, designed with Bootstrap and CSS on HTML5
● Revision control with Git

Enterprise Software Developer

Feb 2013 – Feb 2014 (1 Year, 1 Month)

● Adding features and new capabilities to an enterprise project
● Developing and leading the team training program

● Team manager of 1st place winning team in the unit's robotics competition.
Built a robot using Arduino and Samsung S3, connected with a serial interface and operating both manually and automatically, to recognize balloons with OpenCV.

● Server-side consisting of Java code and SQL and reports using Oracle Reports
● User interface with Oracle Forms
● Working with Ant and Unix
● Oracle DB

Embedded Software Developer

Mar 2011 – Feb 2013 (2 Years)

● Developing Embedded projects of high stability and reliability
● Programming in high-security standards
● In charge of the team training

● Programming in C++ and C
● Real-Time operation systems: VxWorks and ThreadX
● Revision control with SVN

Software Development Course "Mamram"

IDF C4I & Cyber Security Directorate Internship
Sep 2010 – Mar 2011 (7 Months)


Weizmann Institute of Science

Excellence program for software engineering students in Weizmann institute (During High School)

The program included two-years after school activities:
✯ Lectures from professionals about diverse topics of computer science
Second-year (for excellent students):
✯ Developing software for encryption and steganography of data in pictures.

Ahad Ha'am

Software Engineering & Physics

● Scholarship for Excellence in Studies (given to a single student in the cohort)
● Bagrut average of 113
● Excelled in software engineering (10 degrees, final grade 99.5), physics (5 degrees, final grade 99), math (5 degrees, final grade 95) and English (5 degrees, final grade 95)

quality work
Recently done project


Ultra flexibale and durable brain-comuter-interface large-scale project, which enabels to upload and view users telemetry data.

Linux Kernel Firewall

FireWall developed in C on Linux Kernel, capable of handling SSH, DLP module and self-developed protection from SSH LibAuth bypass AKA CVE-2018-10933.

Python Challenge

Reached: Level 33 and last

Python Challenge is a Notpron-like game in which each level can be solved by Python programming.